Establish credibility. 

Maintain integrity. 

Prove authenticity.

Establish credibility. 

Maintain integrity. 

Prove authenticity.

DeepTruth researches, designs, and patents frameworks to fight deepfakes and synthetic media.

Our innovations record visual/audio media that are impossible to change without detection.


Protect digital content during recording by creating cryptographic DNA fingerprints–every pixel and sound bite are mapped with layers of attribution analytics, in real-time.


Distributed blockchain technologies preserves the integrity of DNA fingerprints with an immutable chain-of-custody.


Verify digital assets frame-by-frame and second-by-second to verify every pixel and every sound bite and all the dimensions of attribution are 100.0% original and authentic.


Our revolutionary frameworks protect digital media assets from the point of capture until the point of examination.  


Consumer Solutions

Consumers’ doubt in the veracity of digital content is growing. High-tech counterfeit videos and audios are amplifying the prospects for fraud, manipulation, deception, and influence.

Shifting the burden of truth from the consumers of digital content to the producers insures the media is not counterfeit. It protects both sides. 

Uses: Protecting reputations of influencers, leaders, politicians, non-profits, businesses, elections, governments, citizens, …


Enterprise Solutions

Organizations increasing rely on digital assets to document and substantiate workflow processes. The growing ease of altering digital content will compel industries to establish chain-of-custody solutions to protect the authenticity of their digital assets.

DeepTruth’s innovative platforms establish and maintain the credibility of digital assets and their attribution.

Uses: Protecting digital assets that document and substantiate workflow processes.


Defense Doesn’t Work

Forensic methods that identify-and-discredit synthetic recordings are in a battle they will ultimately lose.

The only solution to win the long fight against synthetic media is to go on the offense and protect the credibility and integrity of digital assets from end-to-end. Every video, image, and audio must be recorded and protected in a manner that makes them impossible to modify or manipulate without detection.

Uses: Establishing notaries of digital content for businesses, industries, social networks, and global content platforms